The Benefits
of Gymnastics

All children can benefit from participation in gymnastics. Gymnastics is not exclusively about creating gymnasts; in fact, many benefits of gymnastics include building developmental areas that will help children to be good students and successful young adults. Below are some of the examples of the benefits of gymnastics activities on a child’s development. 

Benefits of Gymnastics on Learning

Self Confidence:
Through the challenge of learning gymnastics skills, the students gain confidence with each step that they take. Doing skills on the beams and bars help them gain confidence in their own abilities. This improved self-confidence will transfer to other areas of their lives including school.
Participation in gymnastics helps the athletes become more flexible. Baseball players, basketball players, football players and all other sports need more flexible athletes. Gymnastics builds flexibility better than any other sport. Flexibility also helps limit injuries.
Social Skills: 
The benefits of gymnastics sprawl into the classroom.  Listening to instructions, taking turns, respecting authority, building friendships, and learning to work independently are all benefits of gymnastics. 
Work Ethic:
Gymnastics skills take time and repetition to master.  Also, gymnasts must condition physically and mentally to prepare for the proper execution of skills and performance.
Healthy Development:
There are many physical health benefits of gymnastics. Gymnastics fuels the brain and body for learning.  The sport encompasses each essential movement necessary for development on The Kinetic Scale.

Coaches push us to be our best and make us so confident every practice, it makes me so excited to come to the gym

The Kinetic Scale

A Moving Child Is a Learning Child: How the Body Teaches the Brain to Think by Gill Connell and McCarthy, copyright  2013.

Used with permission of Free Spirit Publishing Inc. Minneapolis, MN; 800-735-7323; <> . All rights reserved.

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