Cotton Candy Invite - Fantastic Gymnastics

April 15-16

Gymnasts should arrive 5-10 minutes before their Gym Opens time. Your gymnast should come down to the floor to their coaches no more than 5 minutes before the meet. If your gymnast comes down to the floor before then they will be sent back.  Your gymnast should come down to the floor with their hair up, in their leotard and warm ups only (no socks or shoes) everything else should be in their backpack.  

What your gymnast needs to have 

  • Hair up and out of the way
  • Leotard – if wearing any sort of undergarment(s) they should not be showing
  • Warm ups – jacket and pants
  • Team backpack – everything else they bring should be in here
  • A water bottle is optional – your gymnast is responsible for where they put it

If you are NOT able to attend this meet you need to let us know by Wednesday February 23rd.  Once this date passes you will not get your money back if you do not wish to participate. 

The gymnast gift for this meet is a t-shirt so you need to let us know by Wednesday February 23rd what size to have them order for your gymnast. 

As of right now there is no limit on the number of people you can bring and there is not a mask mandate  – This information is subject to change. 

Admission is $5, ages 5 and under are free